Sports Massage

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Sports Massage


All sports and activites involve extra work for the bodies musculoskeletal system and it is important to prepare, protect and maintain muscles and joints, whether you are a professional or amateur sports person.

Sports and remedial massage is an excellent treatment for existing conditions and can also prepare the muscles to perform at the peak level of fitness, while helping to protect the body against future sports injuries.

During exercise and sports, the musculoskeletal system experiences a range of stresses on soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons, as well as a build up of tension in the muscles. Over time, these may lead to sports related injuries.

The techniques of remedial massage prepare the body for exercise as well as managing pain and aiding recovery from existing sports injuries. The physical and physiological benefits help sports people to understand the cause of their injuries which is essential for preventing further problems and maintaing the body at the peak level of fitness.

Regular remedial massage targets specific problem areas, releasing tension in the muscles and improving the balance of the musculoskeletal system. A trained sports therapist will focus on keeping clients fit and well so they can maintain their level of activity and enhance their exercise experience. It is equally effective before or during a sporting event or competition to boost performance by preparing the muscles for action.

A sports therapist will tailor sessions to the individual requirements of each client. Injury treatments involve manipulating the soft tissues to improve movement and flexibility by increasing elasticity, and stretching out tissue and muscle fibres that have become stiff or tense during exercise. Making muscles more permeable boosts circulation and blood flow, increasing the flow of oxygen through the body and removes waste products such as lactic acid, which all aid muscle recovery and efficiency. The benefits of remedial massage can also be effective for clients with mobility problems and stiffness which is not sports related.

Remedial massage offers a range of techniques to benefit sports people. Resting muscles is as important as working out for regular sports people and massage stretches, relaxes and soothes stiff or tired muscles. It also improves muscular pain by relieving tension and clearing waste products such as lactic acid, and prepares the body to perform at maximum fitness by invigorating them before or during a race or event.

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