“I first started seeing Tracy four months after being diagnosed with a slipped disc which led to chronic sciatica.
I had visited a chiropractor and attended physio sessions but nothing seemed to ease the pain. I was desperate to regain some mobility and start exercising again but pain and muscle spasms stopped me doing all but gentle walking. I began to feel that I would be like this forever.
I did feel a bit apprehensive at my first visit. I was in a lot of pain and wasn’t sure what to expect, however I felt instantly at ease with Tracy.
After my first massage session with Tracy, I could not believe the difference. Not only had the pain subsided but I felt able to do more than I had in months.
Now almost a year on and with regular massage from Tracy, I am almost back to normal. I can exercise, enjoy long walks and use the cross trainer. something that would have been impossible before. The muscle spasms are almost a thing of the past.
I cant thank Tracy enough for her help. Her calm, professional, caring and understanding approach have made my visits a pleasure.
I feel that my visits to Tracy continue to improve my health and recovery and I would definitely recommend a visit.

Many, many thanks Wonder Woman Woods”

Debbie Rotherham.


“Just a quick note to thank you for your help with my back/nerve problem.

The pain has subsided and my movement is better. This has a lot to do with the treatment you provided in my hour of need and when the pain was at its peak. I will recommend you to anyone who needs any treatment and if you don’t mind, I’ll keep your card should I need some help in the future. Thanks again”
Andy C, Rotherham

“I first started seeing Tracy after a car accident. She helped to relax the muscles that had gone into spasm as a result of the crash. After each session, I felt improved mobility and flexibility as well as a reduction in pain. As things improved, Tracy was able to spend time concentrating on other issues that arose through competing in sport. Training and competing 6 days a week meant muscles became tight and at risk of injury. With regular deep tissue massage Tracy helped prevent injury by increasing flexibility. She also advised me on stretches and activities I could do at home to help and minimise the number of treatments needed. Tracy is always punctual, never keeps me waiting and is always friendly. I find it very reassuring that Tracy always listens to exactly what you say and clarifies anything she needs to enable her to treat the problem. She genuinely cares and is extremely thorough in an attempt to solve the problem”
Helen, Rotherham

“As a professional Car Valeter I tend to suffer shoulder and upper body problems due to the nature of my work. These problems cause me a lot of pain at times with restricted movement and stiff neck etc even affecting my wrists which I thought was crazy.

I started using Tracy’s muscle therapy about four months ago and the difference has been dramatic, I no longer have severe muscle problems or aches and the restricted movement I used to suffer from has disappeared.

The most dramatic difference has been with my wrists and lower arms, I was on th point of having Cortisone injections before talking to Tracy but since Tracy worked her magic I have been pain free for over a month and now attend once a month to keep all the pain away.

Tracy has helped me tremendously, at one point I was seriously thinking about giving up my business due to the ongoing muscular problems but now I can happily do the work that I used to do and more and all PAIN FREE. I whole heartedly recommend Tracy and have done so to several of my customers. Tracy certainly knowss what she is doing and is very knowledgeable in what the required treatment is for what problems you have”
Darrell Price www.autoelegance.co.uk

Great thanks to Tracy Woods for not only helping me with my injured ankles, aching legs and stiff back but if it wasn’t for Tracy’s firm, yet caring touch I wouldn’t have managed to get round the 42 mile High Peak Marathon.

Not only get round, but be part of the team that broke the mixed team course record which now stands at 9hrs 59mins!

Thanks again Tracy
Nick Cable
Fell Runner for the Penistone Footpath Runners & AC

“I started having massage from Tracy after being diagnosed with ME. The massage is wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic, and Tracy has even researched the condition so as to offer helpful advice – something few people would bother to do. My weekly treatment not only eases the muscles, just as importantly it clears the mind.”
Simon Beckett, writer and journalist.

“I am 34 years old and have been suffering from a herniated disc and sciatica for 7 months. I had tried months of conventional medicine / treatment to no avail. After my first session of Bowen Technique I felt relief from by back pain and sciatica. The session was so relaxing and gentle. In the time following the treatment physically I was very relaxed, able to walk without limping and slept soundly for the first time in 7 months- I was not in constant pain anymore. Psychologically /emotionally I felt optimistic, where previously I had felt depressed and worn out. I am so impressed that such a lovely gentle therapy can achieve so much, so quickly and has made such a difference to my wellbeing. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Thankyou Tracy and The Bowen Tecnique”.
Sarah M, Rotherham

“Having woken up one morning with the worst trapped muscle / nerve behind my shoulder blade, I decided a massage would be a good option.
This turned out to be one of my better decisions. I booked a one hour appointment with Tracy. Never having had a massage before, I did’nt know what to expect.
Tracy was friendly and chatted as she massaged away my aches and pains – she found knotted muscles I didn’t know I had. I’ve just had a second follow up appointment of half an hour and my neck, shoulders and back feel better than they have in years!

I will certainly make routine visits in the future – this was excellent”
Helen, B, Rotherham

“I was recommended to Tracy by my Chiropractor, who I had been seeing for hip, foot and back pain.
I had begun to feel extremely debilitated and tired, however after my first visit my mood and physical well being were much improved. Tracy found so many tight knotted muscles in my back and was able to release them, it was great.

Recently I developed a very painful arm with weakness and pins and needles in my hand. After one session with Tracy I was free from pain and able to carry on with daily activities as before.

As well as the physical benefits I find the sessions enjoyable and very relaxing and will be making regular appointments”
Maxine Rotherham

Tracy I just want to say thank you so much for the treatment I received. 80% of the pain has gone, I get a few aches and I just rub the area in a circular motion and it alleviates it. Thanks again as I have been suffering over two years. I will come back to see you again as soon as I can.

Ps You’ve got me for life now!!!

Having suffered recurring back problems for 25 years caused by falling out of tree whilst in my foolish youth I have sought various treatments.

Chiropratic treatment works wonders and puts right the problem but each recurrence of the problem has taken longer for the muscles to regain strength and normal motion.

On this last occasion I was referred to Tracy to complement the chiropractic treatment and found a very marked difference. Recovery which has previously taken over a year was within 6 weeks .
Bruce M, Rotherham