First Aid for Acute Stress

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Stress! Have you just suffered a shock, sudden bereavement, or been given some bad news? This treatment is First aid for acute stress and upset, it’s a 2-hour session where you have time for yourself, time for you to get your head together to face the rest of the day and work out how you are going to tackle your difficulties. It is so important for us to take time out but many of us don’t and we sometimes find ourselves struggling to deal with situations when they have come about so abruptly. So this treatment is a solution to stress, helping you to gain your footing.

During the 2 hours, you will receive an hour’s deep hypnotic relaxation session to allow your mind to quieten so that you can gain more clarity and focus once again, followed by a one-hour luxurious massage using a therapeutic blend of essential oils to calm nerves and melt away tension.

At the end of the session, you are given a pack to take away to help with keeping control over your stress and anxiety. Being upset can be the cause of sleeplessness, feeling helpless, indecisiveness, and deep worry, come and take that time for yourself.

Cost of treatment:

Approx 2 hours £120.00, Please note this is a premium product

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