Aromatherapy Massage

Cost Of Treatment of aromatherapy massage:

1 hour £45.00
Note times of treatments are approximate.

Aromatherapy Massage is a slow gentle treatment using a blend of essential oils to suite the client, aiming to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of mind, body and spirit. It works with pure properties of plants, using their essential oils in a natural, complementary therapy which can help improve both physical and emotional well being. Essential oils are blended at the time of the treatment and so are as individual as you. Oils will be blended to favour your mood and how you are feeling at that time. You may feel you need; uplifting, relaxing, detoxifying, something to calm your nerves and balance you.
A brief history of the origins of Aromatherapy

The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were among the first to appreciate the benefits of essential oils. It was around the 13th century that the oils appeared on England’s shores. During the renaissance period when the plague swept Europe it is said that those who used the oils were said to survive, and is because many aromatic oils have antiseptic properties. It was Culpepeper’s Complete Herbal (1652) that listed medicinal properties of plants. However it was not until the 1920’s That the French chemist Gattefosse discovered essential oils can be absorbed by the skin and reach organs through the body’s circulation system.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are highly potent and only drops are needed for your treatment. A full consultation is taken prior to treatment to establish any contra-indications and or any oils to be avoided. Some are very stimulating and should not be used in pregnancy or on epileptics.

There are two main ways that you cn benefit from essential oils:

1) Skin absorption – usually through massage treatment

2) Inhalation – the sense of smell has a direct access route to the brain, which may have an immediate affect on the body.

For maximum benefit from an aromatherapy massage, avoid a bath or a shower for 8 hours to allow the oils to be absorbed. Also drink plenty of water after a treatment to help flush out toxins.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

  • The releif of stress and tension
  • A feeling of deep relaxation
  • Stimulated immune system
  • A calm and soothed mind
  • Improved blood and lymph circulation
  • Increased energy levels
  • A general sense of well being