Bowen Technique

Cost Of Bowen Treatment:

£44.00 up to an hour

Improve your well being with The Bowen Technique and bring your body back into balance, a gentle and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

The Bowen Technique originates from Australia and has been over here in Britain since the early 90’s. Thomas Bowen was the founder of the treatment, since his death the treatment has been documented and now his approach is known throughout the world.

It is a very gentle remedial treatment for a wide range of conditions, some of which are listed below. The treatment consists of a series of skin rolling movements over muscles and ligaments of the body. Short breaks are taken throughout the treatment to allow the body to respond to the gentle moves that have been performed. The breaks are an important part of the treatment helping to re-balance, relieve tension and reduce pain.

Bowen Technique is great for all sorts of conditions and for improving general wellbeing.

Bowen Technique to target:

  • acute and chronic injury
  • pain management
  • frozen shoulder / tennis elbow
  • tilted pelvis
  • digestive problems
  • infant colic
  • P.M.T
  • to name but a few

Here is a link to the formal Bowen Technique website